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SINCE 1985


About Us

Ayurgram is not only the first psychosomatic specialty Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala, but it is also the first hospital in Kerala with a psychosomatic specialty in any field of medicine. Psychosomatic diseases are physical illnesses that are either caused or aggravated by mental or emotional difficulties, such as stress and tension.

The Panchakarma Yoga treatment not only addresses physical problems but also addresses the mental components behind them through the use of modern psychological techniques and meditation. Ayurgram's mission is to help patients understand the exact physical and mental conditions that lead to the root cause of their problems and enable a solution by spending ample time with each patient.

Ayurgram's therapeutic approach combines Ayurveda, Yoga, and modern psychological techniques to create the most favorable conditions for healing, enabling a natural cure.

Spinal disorders like back pain, degenerative disc disease, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, and conditions like fibromyalgia, tension myositis syndrome, and migraine are all examples of physical ailments that are either caused or aggravated by mental factors such as stress, anxiety, depression. In fact, 99% of these diseases that we typically think of as physical have a mental component to them.

Today, Ayurgram is the only treatment center in Kerala that provides solutions for psychosomatic diseases that are mixed with mental and physical aspects. 

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