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“Mind” the Back pain.

Is back pain only a physical problem? How much influence do a person's emotions, personality, and subconscious conditions have on back pain?

One of the most common causes of back pain is stress. Back pain therapy will not be effective until stress is addressed appropriately.

When we are stressed, our bodies naturally release few hormones. Adrenaline is a hormone associated with the fight or flight response, which raises our blood pressure, increases blood circulation, tightens the muscles around the spine, and prepares us to fight or flee the source of stress if necessary.

This will eventually result in tension myositis syndrome (TMS), which causes fatigue, impairs our mental state, lowers activity, increases muscular weakness and spasms, and causes additional discomfort and impairment to our social life.

TMS research indicates that back pain is caused by emotions, personality, and subconscious concerns rather than physical or structural problems.

Rage and anger are the emotions that induce back strain.

The following are some of the personality qualities of persons who are prone to TMS.

Urge to succeed.

High sense of responsibility.

Self-motivated and disciplined.




People with such a personality will continually be exposed to stressful events throughout their lives, which will result in back pain.

Those who are successful in life or are continually striving for achievement are more likely to suffer from back pain.

When we suffer back pain, people around us will make remarks and ideas. If the problem is with the disc, nothing can provide relief. Even if you do feel better, you will never be able to bend forward or lift anything again. Many statements that weaken a person's confidence and raise his stress.

Then, due to the back pain, the body's activity will be severely limited, and the physical de-conditioning and muscular weakness induced by this lack of exercise will worsen the pain. This increased pain has the potential to re-trigger the stress.

As a result, there will be increased pain, fear, physical deconditioning, social isolation, sadness, anxiety, and a variety of other mental disorders, similar to a vicious spiral.

While treating back pain, the same emphasis should be placed on resolving mental issues as on resolving physical issues. This is when a holistic therapy like Ayurveda plays a great role.

Yoga and meditation can help us the most in utilizing the advantages of stress and being well without its negative effects.

Ayurveda and Yoga are the most effective and long-lasting back pain cure.

Dr Aswin Hari

Chief Physician, Veda Ayurgram

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