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Scoliosis is naturally curable.

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

We see scoliosis as a problem that affects the spine alone, but this disorder is only a byproduct of another problem.

Scoliosis can occur for a variety of reasons. Scoliosis caused by congenital spine formation defects, fractures, and spinal cord abnormalities but these are very rare.

Other causes include muscular dystrophy, Marfan syndrome, and cerebral palsy, which can lead to muscle wasting and scoliosis.

Idiopathic scoliosis, the scoliosis of unknown reason, can occur before and after puberty.

Most pre-adult Idiopathic scoliosis occurs during the 2nd growth spurt or early adolescence, when the body suddenly lengthens. In this age, high quality protein and energy are required for smooth growth.

Insufficiency of these nutrients can lead to loss of muscle, which should grow in proportion to the rapid elongation of the bones, and bend to one side due to loss of the strength of these muscles that support the spine.

Muscle is the culprit in idiopathic scoliosis that occurs after puberty also. This is because of increased muscle spasm caused by high neuromuscular activity due to stress.

Since 99% of scoliosis is caused by muscles, surgery is never the complete solution.

If you are in the early stages, this problem can be easily solved naturally with yoga and Ayurveda. Certainly surgery can be avoided, even in chronic cases.

Dr Aswin Hari BAMS, M.Psych

Chief Physician, Veda Ayurgram

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