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Scoliosis treatment is Personalized

Improper management worsens the patient's condition and drives them into even worse circumstance.

This patient comes to Ayurgram at a time when she is suffering from physical and emotional anguish caused by the incorrect treatment of certain persons who claimed to be traditional marma practitioners but had no knowledge of the anatomy or physiology of the body.

Although bandaging and tight massage may momentarily make the scoliosis seem straighter, these unscientific treatments will simply worsen the disease until the muscular weakness and stiffness disappear.

Scoliosis can only be effectively cured if it is addressed with extreme caution. Although yoga can benefit with scoliosis, one incorrect pose can worsen the condition. As a result, tailored yoga poses are necessary for each patient, based on the degree and location of the scoliosis as well as the patient's muscle structure.

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